About us

We’re known for being the joint leaders of the award winning NorthInvest angel network, and Co-founders of industry leading Fund Her North, and Women Angels of the North. We have unique experience of building inclusive, early stage investment capacity, angel networks, education programmes and communities. We’re now partners in newly formed Lifted Ventures.

Our impact to date has been to facilitate over £450m of funding and help over 500 entrepreneurs

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We're joined by a talented and high quality team.

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Helen Oldham

Co-Founder of Lifted Ventures

Jordan Dargue

Co-Founder of Lifted Ventures

Judith Parry

Director of Investor Relations

Laura Brown

Marketing and Community Director

Our values


We believe that Women-owned businesses, backed by outside investment, achieve a better than average return than male-owned companies.


We’re based in the North, so whilst we think globally, we have a regional lens too.


More than a talking shop – our track record demonstrates that we provide the focus, frameworks and action to deliver results.

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We believe that the power of community is greater than any one individual, or organisation.